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NLS - Escape Room

In this homemade escape room, players wake up handcuffed, tied up, or locked in a tiny room, and have no recollection of how they got here. The place has several cameras and puzzles. A robot. voice speaks regularly to announce the time remaining before the laboratory explodes.

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I created two versions of this escape room in my garage during my high school years. The most advanced one was built in 2020 during the Covid lockdown. This project allowed me to put my storytelling, puzzle design, audiovisual production, and craft skills to use.

The final product included several rooms, including one that I built out of wood, videos, a soundtrack, and light and smoke effects.

During the game, players realize that they have been abducted by a group of extremist scientists, called NLS (No Limit Science), that conduct deadly ability tests on people like them.

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