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What I do

As a storyteller, I use mediums such as movies, escape rooms, haunted houses, audio drama, and more to create with my imagination. I write, design, conceive games, shoot, and edit, to bring fictional worlds to life. I strive to produce quality entertainment.

I suggest that you visit my Projects page by clicking here to learn more about my previous productions.

My Story

For as long as I can remember, I always loved telling tales, putting on shows, acting in plays, and so on. I admit that I might have been annoying for my parents, asking them to look at me performing silly musicals and skits since a young age. Growing up, my focus shifted toward films, but my goal remained the same: I wanted to tell stories. After spending summers producing goofy shorts with my friends while filming with an iPad, I started working on my first real projects with my high school's filmmaking association, co-directing two shorts, and becoming president of the club during my senior year, which would eventually be shortened by the pandemic. During these years, a new area of interest also became increasingly important for me: themed entertainment. I grew more and more passionate about theme parks, escape rooms, haunted houses: I was fascinated by the possibility to create a story that people would not only look at, but live in the real world. In the 2020s, I continued to create by co-directing my first feature length movie, and by writing haunted houses for an immersive entertainment company. I am always looking forward to work on new exciting projects, and my goal is to build a professional career in one of these fields.


I'm always looking forward to collaborating on new projects!

+33 6 09 23 13 59

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